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Parks & Grounds

The Town of Crawford public parks are located on Red Mills Road and Lybolt Road. Each park contains pavilions and barbeque pits which are available to the public. Reservations for park pavilions can be made through the Town Clerk’s Office. The normal park season is from April 1st - November 1st. Parks open at 8:00 am and close at dusk.

You must call (845) 744-2020 and reserve your date before filling out the park reservation form. Do not mail in the form without calling or your date will not be guaranteed.

Park Reservation Form: Download Link

Crawford Town Park

a.k.a. Tessi Chessari Memorial Park
a.k.a. Castle Park

19 Red Mills Road, Pine Bush
Open 8:00 am to Dusk

• 6 Baseball Diamonds/Fields
• 2 Basketball Courts
• 4 Pickleball Courts (**Rules for Reserving Below)
• Soccer Fields
• Walking Track
• Veteran’s Memorial
• Relay for Life’s Garden of Hope
• Additional proposed soccer/lacrosse field
• Restroom Facility
• Playground Equipment
• 4 Pavilions

Pavilion #1 – Large Pavilion – Accommodates approximately 100 people maximum. Separate barbeque pit and serving area included in rental.
Pavilion #2 – Small Pavilion – Accommodates approximately 30-40 people. Located close to the playground area and has a charcoal grill.
Pavilion #3 – Small Pavilion – Accommodates approximately 30-40 people. Located close to the playground area and has a charcoal grill.
Pavilion #4 – Small Pavilion – This is located on the Alice Court side of the park. Accommodates approximately 30-40 people.

Bullville Park

612 Lybolt Road, Bullville
Open 8:00 am to Dusk

• Football Field
• Playground Area
• 2 Pavilions

Large Pavilion - accommodates approximately 100 people.
Small Pavilion - accommodates approximately 30-40 people and is located nearest to the Playground area and has a charcoal grill.
• Restroom Facility

Crawford Walking Trail

This walking trail is approximately two miles long with a steep hill to make your walk a little more challenging.

Ward Avenue, Pine Bush
Open Sunrise to Sunset
From April thru October

Crawford Senior Walking Trail and Exercise Area with Stations - Holland Avenue

Details Coming Soon!

Town of Crawford Pickleball Court Rules

Call 845-744-8230 to reserve a court. Courts are reserved in 2-hour blocks as follows:

1. 8am-10am

2. 10am-12pm

3. 12pm-2pm

4. 2pm-4pm

5. 4pm-6pm

6. 6pm-9pm (lights out at 9:15pm)

The combination for the lock will be given to the person reserving the court. It will be changed weekly. The key within the lock is to remain on premises at all times and is not to be removed. This is necessary to protect town assets and avoid vandalism.

Please lock the court(s) upon leaving.

Town residents and groups will be given priority for court usage, and unused blocks of time will then be given to non-residents. Courts will be available to those who reserve on a first come/first serve basis. No individual or group will be given more than two blocks of time per week except for special events like tournaments or fundraisers upon approval of the Town.

Individuals may reserve a maximum of two courts. Crawford-based groups may reserve up to four courts with approval from the Town.

Individuals or groups may reserve courts one week at a time. The Town reserves the right to limit the number of reservations made in advance. Please be courteous and notify the Town if you need to cancel your reservation(s) so that others may use the time.

This is a carry in/carry out facility. Courts must be cleaned up after use.

No animals are allowed on the courts.

The Town reserves the right the change the rules at any time.

Effective 03/14/2024